Guidelines for the use of Castle Green

Unique in terms of its local and national historical importance, and being a Scheduled Ancient Monument, Castle Green is now owned by the Parish, on behalf of the village of  Sulgrave.  It is one of the few large areas of land available within the village and is open to all sections of the community.   

It is intended that the ‘Green be used for village events and recreation and is complimentary to, rather than a duplication of Pocket Park. 

In order to preserve and retain the wild nature of the ‘Green, ensure maximum enjoyment for all and because it is a scheduled ancient monument, the Castle Green Management Committee has produced the following guidelines:


Motor Vehicles


Cultivating the Ground






Requests to use the Green ~

Those wishing to organise a specific event and/or activity on the ‘Green should contact the Parish Clerk.

Castle Green Management Committee
September 2006