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Proposed by Manor Field Action Group, June 2004
Adopted by Sulgrave Parish Council, 15th July 2004



1. The Manor Field Action Group, acting as agent for Sulgrave Parish Council, was established on 10th July 2003 with two objectives:

2. The first of this objectives has now been achieved, and the purchase of the field by the Parish Council from Sulgrave Manor is about to be concluded. This recommended Terms of Reference fulfils the second of these objectives.

3. The field is part of the Castle Hill Ringwork, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, National Monument 13662. Its national importance is due to the remains of both Saxon and Norman castles on the same site. The monument site is in two parts: the mound below which the remains of the principal buldings are located, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Pollak, and the field which formed most of the outer bailey.

4. Extensive archaeological excavations have been undertaken at the mound, but further archaeological work needs to be done at some time on both the mound and the field.

5. The field has been used by the village for many years as an area for local events, and as a footpath. It is the intention of the village that these uses will continue, whilst respecting the archaeological importance of the field.

6. With the purchase of the field by the Parish Council, the name "Manor Field" is no longer appropriate. The deeds of the field call it "Castle Close". "The Village Green" has also been suggested. The Action Group recommends the name "Castle Green" in recognition of the site's national importance, and the use of the field as a village green.

7. In drawing up these Terms of Reference, consideration was given to arrangements for the management of other Parish Council assets: the Pocket Park and the Village Shop. Neither of these has a written Terms of Reference, but their general approach has been followed.



1. Name: The Committee shall be called Castle Green Committee.

2. Relationship to the Parish Council: The Committee shall be a committee of the Sulgrave Parish Council, comprising at least one Parish Councillor plus co-opted members. The Committee is encouraged to operate on its own initiative within the overall guidance of the Parish Council. It is the responsibility of the Parish Councillor(s) on the Committee to ensure that Committee decisions and actions conform to the requirements of the Parish Council. A Parish Council decision can overrule a Committee decision.

3. Officers: The Committee shall have a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer plus other officers as it sees fit. The first officers will be appointed by the Parish Council. Therafter the Committee will appoint its own officers by majority vote. All posts are honorary. Election of officers will be done annually in May or June, following the Parish Council elections.

4. Committee Membership: All village organisations will be invited to nominate a representative of their organisation to serve on the Committee. Initially this will be done by the Parish Council, and thereafter by the Committee. Volunteers will also be sought from the village as a whole. The Committee may co-opt members and create sub-committees or action groups as it sees fit. Members may be relevant specialists from outside the village. The Committee is empowered to appoint expert advisers and project leaders.

5. Finance: The Committee will have its own Castle Green Account that will operate within the normal Parish Council financial regulations.

6. Purpose of the Committee:

  1. To manage Castle Green for the benefit of the village.
  2. To have responsibility for any Parish Council management agreements relating to the field, especially any management agreement with English Heritage.
  3. To register the field as an official open space.
  4. To obtain designation of a public footpath across the field, that links in conveniently to other public rights of way.
  5. To enhance the visual character and setting of the field.
  6. To promote the use of the field for village activities, and other activities that benefit the village.
  7. To assist others, particularly the Sulgrave Castle Archaeological Group, in the further research, exploration, preservation, conservation, portrayal and interpretation of the Scheduled Ancient Monument.
  8. To enhance the biodiversity of the field, consistent with its archaeological requirements.
  9. To ensure maintenance of the field, especially grass cutting, landscape management, signage and picnic table maintenance.
  10. To make funding applications for the above purposes.