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Setting out the 20m grid squares

Pegs at the 20m intersections

Project co-ordinator Clare Pollak greets archaeologists Adrian Butler
and Ian Fisher from Northants Archaeology

Adrian and Ian test the equipment (Photo: Hywel Lloyd)

Adrian explains the principles of the Earth Resistivity Equipment

Checking the grid squares (Photo: Hywel Lloyd)

How the findings are recorded (Photo: Hywel Lloyd)

Ready to begin

A young volunteer has first go

....and then others try their hands (Photo: Hywel Lloyd)

More explanations

Putting the theory into practice (Photo: Hywel Lloyd)

The steady pace needed with the magnetometer
well demonstrated by Ian Fisher

Further demonstrations

Checking the readings whilst the exhibition tent
is erected in the background

Everyone helped to put up the exhibition boards

Sulgrave Castle Archaeology Group Exhibition

One young man decided to be an archaeologist when he grows up!

Adrian Butler begins to assess the survey results

Preliminary ideas are discussed

One of the younger volunteers shows off his own finds....

....while an even younger one is happily oblivious to it all!