"The Chronicles of a Country Parish" - A village appraisal of Sulgrave published in 1995

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The Parent Teacher Association for Sulgrave School was fromed in the early 1970s. It was decided to call it Friends of Sulgrave School (ever after known as FOSS) so that the Committee would not be limited to parents of children attending the school. There were plenty of grannies, aunties and future parents who were all interested in the school's activities.

The aim was to fund items of expenditure which the County was not prepared to finance. In the beginning funds raised by FOSS were used for trips out and for the purchase of large items (television etc.), but as the budget got tighter, smaller items came under the FOSS umbrella.

There was an annual weeklong field trip in the summer term to Derbyshire or Yorkshire for older pupils with one or two mums going along to supervise the catering. Another event was the Christmas party, which was always funded by FOSS, and usually catered by them also. On a more pratical level the school photocopier and its running expenses were paid for by FOSS-generated income and, despite the closure of the school in 1991, this is still in the shop for the use of the villagers at a nominal charge.

Life was also enhanced socially for the pupils and village alike by the FOSS activites which included organisation of Sports Day and Summer Barn Dances. The one activity started by FOSS, whichs still continues today, is the Annual Bonfire Celebration, which has now become part of the village's social calendar. The funds raised go to Culworth School rather than Sulgrave but the excitement of that night still serves as a reminder of all the good times enjoyed in the past.

Maypole dancing on Castle Green in 1977