"The Chronicles of a Country Parish" - A village appraisal of Sulgrave published in 1995

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The Club was formed at the outbreak of the 1939-45 war, and was comprised of the men in the village who raised pigs usually in sties at the bottom of their gardens.

The Ministry of Agriculture introduced rationing of animal foodstuffs. In order to obtain the appropriate ration, a buyer had to be a member of a Registered Pig Club, and Sulgrave Pig Club was so registered.

Mr. Collins, who lived in Little Street, was appointed as the foodstuffs buyer, and the pig meal was bought in bulk, which was the cheapest way. Each member was allowed to purchase a specific quantity depending on the number of pigs he kept, paying only the cost price, with no profit for the Club.

The Club was disbanded a year or two after the end of the war.