The following extract is from the South Northants Local Plan, adopted in 1997:


Conservation Areas

4.28 A Conservation Area is defined as `an area which is of special architectural or
historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve
or enhance'. Each Conservation Area has an individual and unique character
derived from its historical development. The designation of a Conservation
Area does not preclude development from taking place, but it does allow the
local planning authority greater control of any proposed development.

4.29 All new development should be sympathetic to the scale, design and materials of
the area. The aim of enhancing the quality and character of a Conservation Area
applies to features such as walls, paving, verges, trees and street furniture, as
much as it does to its buildings. Outline planning applications will not normally
be acceptable for development in Conservation Areas.

4.30 Within Conservation Areas, Conservation Area Consent is required to demolish a
building. It is unlikely that consent will be granted to demolish where, in the opinion of
the Local Authority the building proposed for demolition makes a contribution to the
character of the area.

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