Councillors Present

Graham Roberts, Andrew Waite, Jo Powell, Clare Pollak, together with four villagers.

Item 1

1a. Introduction

       The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1b. Apologies

       Cllr’s Kellett and Osborne, Eileen Roberts, Mr and Mrs Lloyd

Item 2

2a.  Confirmation of minutes of last meeting held on 3rd July 2008

     The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.  These were proposed by Cllr Waite and seconded by Cllr Powell.

2b. Matters Arising

       A funding application was made to County Councillor Ben Smith, as he has an allocation of £10K to spend within his parishes.  He has confirmed he will give £750.00 towards the future work needed in Pocket Park.  Thanks was given to Cllr’s Kellett and Osborne for their work on this.

3.   Declaration of Interest

4.   Update on Quality Status application

       This is a local government initiative and a standard of excellence.  An annual report  for 2007/8 had to be produced and copies are going to be put in the shop/Star Public House and on the website by 31st August.  It will not be circulated to every house because of the additional colour printing costs which would be very high.  The Clerk will bind the completed document and send to the NCALC office.  Both she and the Chair will meet the accreditation panel on 25th September to answer any questions that they may have about the submitted portfolio.

5.   To discuss the provision of an Archaeology Sign Board

       Cllr Pollak advised that she is involved in a lottery funded archaeology project to do with Sulgrave Castle Ancient Monument, which is part of Castle Green.  Next year they will be creating a sign board explaining the history of the site.  Originally the sign was going to be on Pollak land and the History Society were to insure it.  However they realised it would not be easily visible to the general public there and decided the best place to put it would be on the grass verge on the south side of the church, near to the entrance of the permissive path.  English Heritage are paying for the sign and want it to be maintained and insured by someone as part of their funding conditions.  The grass verge is owned by by NCC  Highways and they had to get permission from them to erect the sign.  NCC have suggested  the local council take it over as it is public land.  NCC have sent  a permission form and Cllr Pollak asked if the council would consider it. 

       She then read out the NCC conditions that would have to be agreed:

       The Chair suggested that the Church are consulted first.  The Clerk advised the council already have £10M public liability cover.  Cllr Pollak clarified the exact position of the sign which would be on land through the right of way in the churchyard, through the gate and on the right on open green.  She agreed to write to the other neighbours who would be affected.  The installation will be carried out by the same manufacturers as the one on Castle Green.  Once installed the signboard would have to be added to the council’s insurance policy.

       From the floor Joyce Barber asked if the two signs, one for Castle Green and this sign, could be combined.  Cllr Pollak replied that they do not want a big sign put up and it is part of the requirement of lottery funding that a sign is installed.  They will be two different signboards with different information on but not huge in size.  Cllr Pollak agreed to bring  the exact spec to the next meeting.

       The Parish Council then agreed in principle to the NCC form being signed subject to the issues above being resolved satisfactorily.

6.   Update on Castle Green Restoration Project

       Cllr Pollak gave the following update:

       The Wall and Steps
       After a lot of hassle and many versions of drawings and specifications for the handrails, a design  was finally agreed to everyone’s satisfaction and sent to Rhodes on 4th August.  Underwoods had started work on the wall on 30th July and have made good progress since then.  Their new stone mason, Ray McCulloch is a very competent workman who gets on well with the residents.

       Three benches have been ordered for the Green and Cllr Pollak is awaiting delivery confirmation from Paul Crowley.  A local handyman will install them with stainless steel straps securing them to the concrete base.  Exact positions have not been decided yet.

       Sign Boards
       There has been no further progress with sign boards.  Funding has been agreed with English Heritage, subject to a Management Agreement being signed.  It is hoped this will take place next month.

       The Opening Ceremony Event
       This has had to be postponed until Sunday May 3rd 2009 owing to delays in various parts of the project.  This was announced in the August newsletter.

       The following cheques have been drawn.  £351.50 has been sent to the Pollaks solicitor for work on the permissive path agreement.  A cheque will be received from the Parish Council for 54% of this invoice.

       The Chair noted that the quality of workmanship  is much better now than before. Thanks was given to Cllr Pollak for her perseverance as there could have been major maintenance problems in a few years time.  Cllr Pollak also advised that when the steps were dismantled, there were no foundations there.  A County Councillor surveyor has advised that it is not possible to put stones around the bend and flexi-bollards should be put out instead.  Exact positions are to be agreed and Underwood and Weston will install.

7.   Councillors Reports

       Community Speedwatch
       Cllr Powell advised that the ten volunteers attended two training sessions in Northampton prior to using the speed gun.  The sessions were very useful and attended by fifty other people.  The group had the gun for a week, Sunday to Saturday and used it in the morning and evening.  Three people were in the group at  a time, 1 holding the gun, 1 reading out car details and the other writing the information down.  Nobody was actually caught speeding. The gun will be used alternately with Halse.

       The groups were positioned with the gun at the Stocks, the corner of Little Street and outside Hill Cottage, Helmdon Road.  Cllr Powell felt it was not a good time to use the gun as the children were off school.  As drivers approached the village, they saw the signs and slowed down.  Comments from other villages were that traffic had slowed down as a consequence of this exercise.  A grey box was put up by the police which records the number of vehicles driving above speed. Cllr Powell is yet to receive this information.

       Cllr Waite had received the quote for connecting the pipe in the allotment land to the Anglian Water pipe.  The cost is £651.08.  He is waiting for a separate quote if the council wish to excavate the trench themselves. The cost to form the connection is £492.33 inclusive of VAT and supply of a water meter which is not optional.

       From the floor, Mrs Barrett noted she had spoken to the Chairperson of Brackley Allotment Association and they had received a full 100% grant for the supply of water.  Mrs Barrett agreed to get more details.  Cllr Waite is waiting to speak to the Billing department of Anglian Water to get more information on charges.

       Spinners Cottages parking
       A meeting was held on 22nd July to look at parking proposals.  The proposal is in sketch form and has to be sent to Highways to check feasibility and how they would react.  It is ready to be sent.  The next meeting is on 23rd September.  Cllr Waite is to make contact with Nick Gore of NCC Highways.

       Printing of newsletter
       Cllr Kellett had looked at the price of a colour printer.   A HP machine would cost £300.00 to buy and be able to print two sides in colour.  Each newsletter issue would then cost £85.00 to produce.  It is still cheaper for the Manor to copy at present as there would be the capital spend of a printer.  It was agreed the council should continue using the Manor as there is no money in the budget for copying. 
       Cllr Waite is to clarify the exact cost of black and white copying at the Manor and this is to be put on the agenda for the  next meeting.  The Clerk to look at the budget spreadsheet and find £200.00 that can be used for copying.
       Water problem in Stockwell Lane
       The site inspection carried out by MSWSP  found that water was surcharging out of the verge continuously  which they believe to be a spring.  It is believed it was disturbed during the construction and digging of the foundations to the new property.  Someone has tried to rectify the problem by breaking into the nearest gully but this is failing to happen and water is now flowing down Stockwell Lane to the next gully.  The problem can be solved by picking up the spring coming out of the verge and piping it into the gully below ground level and the gully would then require a new concrete apron surround. A works ticket has been raised for this work to take place.  Work will then be programmed during September.

       Training Course
       The Chair spoke of a training course offered  by NCALC on 10th September on insurance and risk assessment.  The council have a responsibility to be aware of these issues.  The cost is £58.00 for two places. The Chair and Cllr Waite would try to attend.
8.    Finance Report

The following payments were approved and cheques raised accordingly.  They were proposed by Cllr Pollak and seconded by Cllr Powell.

A cheque for £4K was received recently from the Sulgrave Village Fete.  This money is to be used in Pocket Park.  The money has been transferred from the community account into the Pocket Park account but the Clerk is waiting for written confirmation from the bank.

9.    Signing of Permissive path Agreement

The agreement had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting and they were all in agreement it should be signed. This was proposed by Cllr Waite and seconded by Cllr Powell.  It was duly signed by the Chair, Cllr Pollak and the Clerk and Cllr Waite signed  as witnesses.

10. Update on Planning Applications

        There was nothing to report on planning.

11. Correspondence


12. Open Forum




13.   Next meeting

13a.  Matters for consideration at the next meeting

        Grass Cutting Contract
        Printing of newsletter

13b. Date and time of next meeting

        2nd October 2008 at 7.30pm in the Church Hall       

        Meeting closed at 9.30pm