Councillors Present

Graham Roberts, David Kellett, Clare Pollak, Jo Powell and Jane Osborne,  together with twelve villagers.


Cllr Waite

Declaration of Interest

Cllr’s Kellett and Osborne both declared an interest as there would be a visual impact if the wind farm proposal goes ahead.

1.   Planning

To consider application  S/2009/1163/FUL, Erection of 60m meteorological steel mast to measure and record wind speed and direction (temporary for up to 3 years) on land between Weston and Sulgrave

The Chair advised the meeting that the Parish Council had received an application for the erection of a mast to measure and record wind speed and direction.  The plans were put out on the table and were quite simple.  This application is part of the environmental investigations and the first phase of the future application of the proposed wind farm.

From the floor Mrs Blayney asked if the Parish Council would have access to the information gained from this application.  The Chair replied they may have a right to see it under the Freedom of Information Act.

Mrs Prior asked if the Parish Council were to object, would this have an effect on the later application for the wind farm.  The Chair replied it could have a reverse effect and could prejudice the situation later on.  The Chair advised there were not many grounds that the Parish Council could object to as there would be no visual impact and little noise.

Mr Wootton had spoken to the Case Officer at SNC to ask about the consultation process.  SNC advised that Weston and Sulgrave PC  and the Civil Aviation Authority have been consulted.  The Action Group had not been written to.  Mrs Blayney was surprised that Helmdon PC had not been consulted.

Mrs Blayney spoke about the application on the Welsh Lane which is six months behind this one.  SNC may not grant permission for both so was it worth objecting to this one to create a delay for the other one.  However the PC can only consider the application on the table so could not take into account speculative projects. It was pointed out whistling through the stay wires could affect the local horses who use the nearby Right Of Way. 
It was agreed that this is not a public right of way but a privilege for people to use.  If the Parish Council ask this to be taken into consideration the ROW could be closed which would cause a bigger problem for horse riders.

One resident asked if the Parish Council would make a decision this evening as the Chairman of the Action Group was currently away.  The Clerk advised she had spoken to the Case Officer at SNC and the application will go to full committee on 7th January.  The Parish Council have to submit their response by 21st December.  Cllr Kellett noted that the Action Group could make their own representations and individuals could write as well.

The discussion was then opened up to the councillors. All the councillors unanimously agreed they would support the application but wish Enertrag to share the information obtained from this process as part of the consultation process.

2.   Open Forum

          There was nothing specific to report.

3.      Next meeting

3a.    Date and time of next meeting

          7th January 2010  in the Church Hall at 7.30pm

            Meeting closed at 8.20pm