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The Parish of Sulgrave is within the area of Northamptonshire Police’s Brackley Rural Safer Community Team. The team is made up of police officers, police community support officers, and special constables working alongside South Northants Council. They are working together with the community and other partners to tackle local problems and help improve the quality of life for local residents.

They are currently working with local people to identify the issues which matter most to the residents of the villages policed by the team and the establishment of priorities for tackling them.

Anyone having concerns or any information about crime or anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood are invited to talk to them by:

 The officers of this team are:

Team Leader :
Sergeant Michaela Kennett

Gez Shillito

PC Gerrard Shillito

Martyn Dearsley

PC Martyn Dearsley

Suzanne Bourne

PCSO Suzanne Bourne

Carl Barton

PCSO Carl Barton

Clive Ashmore

PCSO Clive Ashmore





•  Police officers – Safer Community Team officers are dedicated to a specific area and will not taken away to duties elsewhere except in a real emergency. They are familiar and accessible to their local community.

•  Police Community Support Officers – uniformed members of the team who provide a visible, reassuring presence in the community, helping to tackle low-level crime and anti-social behaviour to help improve people's quality of life. They have a range of powers that can have immediate impact on dealing with problems of nuisance behaviour and disorder.

•  Special Constables – volunteers who have the same powers as regular officers and wear a similar uniform. They too have an important role in dealing with crime and providing a visible presence in the community.

•  Partners and volunteers – such as neighbourhood coordinators, neighbourhood wardens and community development officers, who may be employed by the local authority, housing associations or community groups, or other authority figures such as security guards, park rangers or environmental officers. They provide additional ‘eyes and ears' in the community and play an important role in forging links and improving communication with the local community.

An very important voluntary member of the team for Sulgrave is Vera Smith, the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Seldom a day passes without Vera, husband Bob and their dog "doing the rounds" of the village. Anything reported to Vera will be passed on to the Safer Community Team.

Bob and Vera Smith, out with their dogs and keeping an eye on the village.

The latest news and information about the Team, including the dates and times of surgeries and current priorities, can be seen at