The residents of Towrise (and guests) held a 'Big Lunch'  on Sunday 19th July. The idea was an Eden Project initiative to get people to know their neighbours, and to help in forming communities.

Planning started in May with many virtual meetings and chatting on the allotment.  Then in June we sat down for an hour or so to plan who was going to do what, the quantity of food we were going to buy etc, who has Gazebos (in case of a really hot day!), how many BBQ’s did we need and who could lend them. We arranged a BBQ with salads and followed by puddings.  One of the neighbours made the beautiful bunting and put it up on the day before to get everyone in the mood.We applied to the district council for a Road Closure.   We arranged a bouncy castle.  Everything was in place EXCEPT the weather.  We opened the curtains on Sunday July 19th to see pouring rain and water running down the road.  The bunting hung down soaked in rain. About noon the rain slowed for a an hour or so, everyone was out helping put up the gazebos that we now needed to keep us all dry. 

We started cooking just before 2pm, the food was delicious, and everyone was in good spirits.  I think that the weather made us all huddle together under the many gazebos and really get to know each other. Every time a storm started to blow up people had to stand and hang on to a bit of Gazebo frame to stop them blowing up in the wind.

As far as I know, the lunch was enjoyed by all.  We will definitely be repeating it next year.

Jill Barrett

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Photos by Jamie Noble and Jo and Su at 14 Towrise.

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