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A very nice little picture
of Trina taken by
her grandson

"I lived in Sulgrave from 1967 to 1972.  I lived next door to Sandy Munro and his wife on Manor Road. My family name was Mack, and we were the only Americans living in Sulgrave at this time. There were five of us children; Michael, Trina, Donna, Bobby, and Kyla.  My parents were Michael and Doreen...... We all attended the old village school, and Mrs. Stirrat and Mrs Carter were our teachers.  I attended "top class" with Christopher Henn, Russell Hancox, Margaret Cave, Timmy Wills, and JoAnna Foster.
I was looking at the pictures of the Cave family reunion and thought I spotted Elizabeth and Jane Cave, but not Margaret. I wonder where she is?...... If anyone has any info concerning the following people I can pass the info to my brother and sisters.  Michael died in 1990 and my father in 1993. Here is a list of people we all remember; Mark Tims, Linda and Timmy Wills, the Cave children, Caroline and Andrew Bywater, Hancox family, and any information on Mrs. Victoria Stirratt would be greatly appreciated!........ I have downloaded some of the Sulgrave pictures you posted.  They were wonderful.  It was so nice to see where I had grown up.  I used to belong to the church choir and enjoyed the photos very much.


I am sorry to hear that Mrs. Stirrat passed away.  I will always have fond memories of her. In all my years at school I have never had a better teacher than her.
When I was a child Mrs. Munro used to send me to the shop for her, she would always include "sweet money".
When I lived on Manor Road our neighbors were Allyson and Ray Wootton, I hope I remembered that correctly. 
I miss England very much, my mother and sister still live there in Norwich.  New Mexico is beautiful but I still miss all the green country side.
Please feel free to contact me further, any news from home is always welcome.
Trina Mack Johnston
New Mexico, USA


The cottage in which Trina lived can be seen behind the tractor.

Hi Colin,

I thought you might like to take a look at New Mexico in the winter.  Most people tend to think because we live in the desert we don't get snow.  Here is a photo of Christmas 2004 to prove we do!  We got the same this year too!

All my best,

Trina Johnston